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March 8, 2018 - 8:11pm


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Please Pray

December 14, 2018

Dear Friends,

Please keep a young man named Skylar who has pancreatic cancer in your thoughts and prayers. Also pray for Dorothy Kehoe who is still very ill.Read more

Betty Valmonte

December 13, 2018

Please pray for Betty Valmonte who has pneumonia. She asks for our prayers for a quick recovery.Read more

Baby Noel

December 10, 2018

Please pray for my newborn baby Noel.

He has

Gastroespophagus disorded.Please pray to the Lord to heal and to take his pain .

In Jesus I pray.

Thank you all.

Thank You God .Read more

Maria Doran

December 7, 2018


Please keep Maria Doran in your thoughts and prayers. She is dealing with a few health issues. Prya also for her husband, Alex and the rest of the Doran clan.Read more

Eddie Davis

December 7, 2018

Dear Friends,

Please keep Eddie Davis (nephew of Barbara Moreno) in your thoughts and prayers. Eddie has been suffering with lung problems and needs a double lung transplant. He has just been notified by UCLA that they have a pair of lungs for him!

Eddie is currently enroute to UCLA for surgery. Pray that the lungs that he has been blessed with prove to be a match for him and that he make a full recovery.Read more

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