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Do you want to experience the mass in a deeper way?  The Mass Journal from Dynamic Catholic is designed to enrich your experience at Sunday Mass, teach you how to listen to the voice of God, and deepen your daily spirituality. The Mass Journal is a spiritual tool that urges us to ask the question, “God, what is one way that I can become a-better-version-of-myself this week?”  Click here to learn more and order your own journal.

January 7, 2018 - 8:48pm


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Mary Jobin

March 22, 2018

Please pray for Mary Jobin who was diagnosed with an auto immune condition called wegners disease in 2016. She was put on a lot of steroids and toxic medicines which seemed to help. For a month or so now she has been having redness in her eyes and cold like symptoms. Please pray for all inflammation to leave her body. Please pray for her complete healing and peace and prosperity in her life. In Jesus' holy name, Amen.Read more


March 22, 2018

Please pray for Christopher that he receive St Thomas Aquinas' help as he finishes his first year in college. He's had a tough year with mental illness, substance abuse and a looming trial. Please pray that God would open his mind, keep him focused and alert, without procrastination, and that he humble himself and get help.Read more

Virginia Aguirre

March 19, 2018


I've just been told that the brother of Virginia Aguirre has just passed away. Please keep him and all of Virginia's family in your prayers at this difficult time.Read more

Andy Kastner

March 15, 2018

Please pray for Andy Kastner, brother of Eric Kastner, his wife Gloria and their son AJ. They were all in a bad car accident. Gloria has returned home but she is still in a lot of pain and has months of physical therapy to endure. Their son AJ will be returning home in a few days and he will have months to years of physical therapy to endure as well as possibly other surgeries. Please pray for the entire family during this very difficult time.Read more

Kathy Klock

March 15, 2018

Please pray for Kathy Klock who just over a month ago found out she has stage 4 breast cancer after giving birth to her third child. Unfortunately, the cancer is now in the liver. Kathy has started hospice care at home. The doctors are saying in 1-2 weeks she will be with the Lord. Please pray for healing and consolation for her and her family.Read more

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