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Do you want to experience the mass in a deeper way?  The Mass Journal from Dynamic Catholic is designed to enrich your experience at Sunday Mass, teach you how to listen to the voice of God, and deepen your daily spirituality. The Mass Journal is a spiritual tool that urges us to ask the question, “God, what is one way that I can become a-better-version-of-myself this week?”  Click here to learn more and order your own journal.

January 7, 2018 - 8:48pm


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January 10, 2018

Please pray for Anastasia who is in the hospital suffering from hepatitis B and lung problems.Read more

Charles Bruley

January 10, 2018

Please pray for Charles Bruley, brother of Charlene Brannan, who lives in Torrance, CA. He had a knee replacement procedure on Monday 1/8/18. Charles has had hip replacement surgeries that developed complications needing four followup surgeries. He is of course very anxious about his knee replacement surgery. Please pray for a complete and speedy recovery.Read more

Vinod Motwani

January 5, 2018

Please pray for Vinod Motwanias he deals with some legal issues. Pray for his peace of mind and for just actions.Read more

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

January 2, 2018

A woman asks for prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord in His wonderful mercy and love in which He turns away His wrath. May we do the same. She also asks for prayers that she avoid the sin of presumption.Read more

Anthony Demaria Sr.

January 2, 2018

Please pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of Anthony Demaria Sr., father of Tony Demaria, who passed away on new years eve at the age of 92.Read more

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