A Christmas Message from Fr. Tom

Dear Sons And Daughters of the Christ Child,

About 2000 years ago, Our lady and St. Joseph were traveling on the long journey to Bethlehem, walking in faith and trust. Today we too are called to travel the roads of our life with a lively faith and trust in God, who is with us. This sacred holiday is a time to encounter the Lord anew in faith and to allow him to renew us in love and in spirit. How precious a gift is our faith!

Jesus awaits us in the quiet of our hearts with love. He awaits us in the activity and turmoil of our daily lives; awaits us to turn to Him for light and guidance and forgiveness. he awaits us in the Sacraments, eager to fill us with his mercy and love and to lead us to the Father, sharing with us the very life of the Trinity. God chose us in Christ, before the world began, to be holy and without blemish before Him.

This is the ultimate Christmas gift - God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to redeem us. The Three Kings who followed the star to bring gifts to the newborn King began a tradition of gift giving to the Christmas season which we enjoy each year. God has bestowed many gifts on each one of us throughout out life times. We are merely stewards of these gift and, therefore, must use them for good, including investing in our beautiful parish.

What greater gifts are there than the love of the Father who has chosen us, who desires to fill us with His very life, love, peace and joy, and who is always journeying to meet us on the road of life? As St. Augustine says, "We are all loved by God who created us, but God doesn't look on us as a mass of His holy people. God's love is deeply personal. He looks on each of us as if we were the only one". God looks everyone of us in the face, in the eyes, because love is not abstract. Love is concrete. Our prayer for you this Christmas is that you come to know and recognize God's loving gaze upon you. May we humbly adore the Infant Jesus. My He bring peace into your soul and abundant blessings into your home. May every heart be opened to the Prince of Peace by a fervent reception of the Sacrament of His love. May Jesus be your light so you may Experience His peace and love.

A blessed Christmas to you and your family,

Fr. Tom

December 21, 2017 - 10:07pm


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