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Due to recent inquiries and input from various St. Thomas Aquinas parishioners, Fr. Tom has requested that the pastoral council look into available options for creating an updated version of our parish directory. It has been six years since our last directory and the prospect of a new directory is a welcome endeavor. As some of you may recall, the last undertaking to produce a directory was fraught with difficulties; in the end, many parishioners did not even receive a copy. During a discussion of the topic at a recent pastoral council meeting the talent and abilities of our own parish community were highlighted. Perhaps the new parish directory is an undertaking that could be performed by our own parish community? If anyone reading this announcement has any thoughts, insights, suggestions, or are interested in investing their time or talent on this project, please contact Fr. Tom or any of our current pastoral council members.

  • Father Tom 646-4338 x105
  • Father Fernando 646-4338 x103
  • Carlos Herrera 421-7854
  • Dick Sebek 646-7503
  • Michael Shields 640-8776
  • Punky Soares 646-6626
  • Avelina Villares 889-9341
  • Barbara Vize 525-7259
  • Juan Calderon 798-5568
  • Alicia Ragg 818-693-9614
May 11, 2017 - 9:45pm


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