Prayers answered for James Fontanella

We received an update on James Fontanella from his wife Jamie:

"He came home today, Sunday, after gaining some weight, eating on his own & feeling better, and having a more normal GI function.  An answer to prayers - we thank you all so much!!  Now we've got to continue to make the gains that he had while on the TPN & IV fluids & meds.  We are just so happy to be home & are eager to get & keep Jamie well!  Thanks to each of you for your help and especially for your prayers. We are so blessed to have each of you in our lives!  - Love,  Dani & Jamie"

From Bill and Charlene Brannan:

"We feel strongly this recovery is a result of so many prayers and good wishes by so many caring and thoughtful people.  To all of those who reached out on our son-in-law Jamie's behalf,  please accept our thanks and gratitude."

February 13, 2017 - 5:46am


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