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March 14, 2019 - 7:55pm

This year Lent begins on March 6th!  Make this Lent a life changing spiritual encounter with Christ by learning more about Lent and the many things that you can do to grow deeper in Christ.

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Growing in Christ this Lent

Fr. Tom Verber
March 5, 2019

Dear Friends,

We hear that Jesus offers us the Good News. What is the Good News, you ask? It is that you were born for greater things; Growing in Christ, this means that we increasingly open our hearts to receive Jesus’ love which is always present to us. So let us receive His love in order to make our lives something special- something beautiful for Him.(says Mother St. Theresa.)

How do we do that? One way is to attend the video presentations by Bishop Barron on, “The Mass” here at the parish. We are offering this 5 week...Read more

Marie Maier

March 4, 2019


Please continue your prayers for Marie Maier. She is recovering from surgery a few weeks ago and has been told she needs and additional procedure. Pray that Marie has a quick return to good health.Read more

Samuel Anguiano

March 4, 2019

Dear Friends,

Please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Samual Anguiano, the father of parishioner Elizabeth Arant.

Pray also for Elizabeth and her family at this difficult time.Read more

Marsha Montag

March 1, 2019

Praise God! Marsha Montag had her cancer surgery last week and is on her way back home to Juno, AK. The results of the pathology are favorable. Chuck and Therese wish to thank all of you for your prayers!Read more

Joe Sullivan

February 24, 2019

Please pray for Joe Sullivan who is going through a difficult time right now.Read more

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