Parish Committees

The parish is governed by four councils and committees as required by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  Descriptions of each are given below.

The Pastor Council is Chairman is Fr. Tom.  The Vice Chairman is Michael Shields.

Pastors are required to consult with the laity of the parish, who in turn have the right to express their views and concerns. The Parish Pastoral Council fosters this collaboration because it allows the faithful and the pastor or other ministerial leaders to share their reflections about the parish's mission and ministry and to plan for parish life in light of the Gospel and Church teaching.

In the archdiocese the role of the Parish Pastoral Council is centered on pastoral planning, which includes periodically evaluating the parish mission statement, assessing ongoing needs, defining parish goals, and setting the strategies for implementing those goals. Evaluation of the parish's progress in carrying out the Church's mission is also a core obligation of a Parish Pastoral Council. The emphasis is on listening and planning for a parish and working closely with those staff and volunteers who are actually charged with implementing the mission through their various ministries and groups.

ADLA Administrative Manual   Pastoral Council Manual

The Finance Committee Chairman is Dan Reid.

​​Canon law mandates a Parish Finance Council in each parish to serve as the consultative body to advise and assist the pastor/administrator or other person in charge in controlling and overseeing the financial affairs of the parish and any schools, centers, or other operations affiliated with the parish (Canon 537).

The pastor/administrator or other person in charge is responsible for all financial aspects of the parish operations, but is expected to consult with the Parish Finance Council in establishing and reviewing annual operating budgets for the parish, school, and other parish operations and in setting the annual capital expenditures budget. The Parish Finance Council receives monthly expense and income reports from the parish and school to review and provide its insight and advice.

The Parish Finance Council is accountable to the pastor/administrator or other person in charge, but if the advice of a Parish Finance Council is unanimous in any particular matter, that decision is expected to be given serious consideration. Members of the Parish Finance Council are appointed for terms by the pastor/administrator or other person in charge and may be active members of the parish or, as needed, may be recommended parishioners from surrounding communities. Parish Finance Council members represent the parish at large and no specific group within the parish community.

ADLA Administrative Manual   Implementation Guide for Parish Finance Councils

All parishes are required to have a Safeguard the Children Committee

​The Safeguard the Children Committee plays a crucial role in assuring that the safeguard initiatives found in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People are a priority.  The committee oversees implementation of the archdiocesan policies and procedures at the location, supports safe environment programs and resources, promotes parish and school site safety, reviews safe environment programs and events at parishes and schools, assists in the annual U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops safe environment audit process, and promotes awareness of April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month

ADLA Administrative Manual   Committee Handbook   Ensuring a Safe Environment

The Liturgy Committee Chariman is Matt Bender.

The liturgy committee serves our parish through the ministry of liturgy. We hope to build the faith of our community through an understanding of our church’s rituals and traditions, and through the art of finding the most helpful expression of those traditions for our parish and its people.  The committee advises the pastor on all matters relating to liturgy.