Pastoral Council


The members of our Pastoral Council

Contact: Fr. Kirk Davis, OSA | (805) 646-4338 x105 | [email protected]

Pastors are required to consult with the laity of the parish, who in turn have the right to express their views and concerns. The Parish Pastoral Council fosters this collaboration because it allows the faithful and the pastor or other ministerial leaders to share their reflections about the parish's mission and ministry and to plan for parish life in light of the Gospel and Church teaching.

In the archdiocese the role of the Parish Pastoral Council is centered on pastoral planning, which includes periodically evaluating the parish mission statement, assessing ongoing needs, defining parish goals, and setting the strategies for implementing those goals. Evaluation of the parish's progress in carrying out the Church's mission is also a core obligation of a Parish Pastoral Council. The emphasis is on listening and planning for a parish and working closely with those staff and volunteers who are actually charged with implementing the mission through their various ministries and groups.

Council Information

Father Tom Verber 805-646-4338 x105

Father Fernando Lopez 805-646-4338 x103

  1. Avelina Villares 805-889-9341
  2. Barbara Vize 805-525-7259
  3. Juan Calderon 805-798-5568
  4. Cel Hickok 805-798-3632
  5. Mary Guinn 805-646-3509
  6. Rosemary (Paloma) Pallan-Briceno 805-646-1428 
  7. Mariana Reynoso 805-628-6294
  8. Randy Wells 805-901-3623
  9. Nancy O'Sullivan 818-427-2474