Rediscover Catholicism

Growing Deeper in Your Faith

One of the most often asked questions is "how do I grow deeper in my faith?"  The answer is to pray, engage and learn.  It really is that simple but not always easily done.  Listed below are some resources that you might find helpful.


First and foremost, pray to God for the grace and desire to pray every day.  Spend this time meditating on scripture and opening your heart to the one you loves you more than you know.


Get involved in some work of the Church.  Being Catholic is not a personal or passive endeavor.  As Catholics we are called to action.  Getting involved and being part of a community are very important to spiritual growth.


Our faith is richly textured and full of wisdon.  God is an infinite God so doesn't it make sense that to know Him should take a lifetime of learning.  Below are some great resources to get you started on your journey.