St. Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of our parish, a member of the Dominican Order, and one of the Doctors of the Church.  Philosopher and theologian he was born circa 1225 in Roccasecca, Italy. Combining the theological principles of faith with the philosophical principles of reason, he ranked among the most influential thinkers of medieval Scholasticism. An authority of the Roman Catholic Church and a prolific writer, Aquinas died on March 7, 1274, at the Cistercian monastery of Fossanova, near Terracina, Latium, Papal States, Italy.  St. Thomas was canonized by Pope John XXII in 1323.  His feast day is January 28th.  Learn more about his life by watching the video or clicking on the links below.

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Bishop Barron on St. Thomas Aquinas