Together in Mission

Together in Mission is a unique program that has for the past 25 years provided the basics for local churches and schools in need enabling all to thrive.  All parishes take part in the campaign each year.  The Church is one body, whose members need one another.  Each depends upon the prayerful gifts of all.  All depend upon each.  So all depend upon you.  Because you give, people have a place where they can worship and serve; our students have a safe environment in which to learn and thrive.  Your gifts empower them to give in turn, improving life in many neighborhoods.  You are the one who can provide parishes with resources needed for sacraments, education, hope, inspiration, stronger families, and better leadership.  Please give prayerful consideration to how you will support those parishes and schools in need within our Archdiocese.

Thank you and may God bless you and your family.

Together in Mission 2022 || Message from Archbishop Gomez