Confirmation Peer Leader Role Description

As a Peer Leader in Confirmation you'll help facilitate the Confirmation class mostly by encouraging candidates to participate during the class. Peer leaders will act in the following 3 roles: 


Small group discussion leaders - help lead discussions with a group of 5-8 candidates about the topic being covered in the Confirmation class that day. 

Game leaders - help come up and lead the focusing activity/game of the day which is usually the first 15-20 minutes of the Confirmation Class. 

Prayer leaders - help come up and lead the closing prayer of that day which is usually done during the last 15-10 minutes of class. 


Peer leaders are asked to come 30 minutes before each class session so that they can help set-up and go over with Brian what the lesson will be about. 

Year 1 Peer Leaders: check-in at 1:30pm

Year 2 Peer Leaders: check-in at 3:30 pm

Peer Leaders are also asked to stay for 15 min after each class for a quick meeting. 

Time Commitment

We would love for you to attend the 2 Confirmation classes each month, but we understand that you guys have busy schedules. So the time commitment is however many classes you can attend to help out. If you're unable to attend, please let Brian know so he'll know how many leaders will be serving for each class and plan accordingly.