We are so glad that you are visiting our parish, either online or in person.  We are an active Christian community in the Ojai valley and invite you to join us in our mission to live the Gospel message.  Please join us at mass this week for worship, fellowship and celebration of God’s great love.

We hope that you come and visit us soon if you have not already done so.  Below are some links to information you should find useful.  Also below are some frequently asked questions.  Thanks for visiting us online and we hope to see you soon.

May God richly bless you and your family!

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Our Mission

In our Catholic tradition we strive to live the Gospel life in prayer, sacrament, liturgy, teaching, evangelization and stewardship.  By the grace of God and guided by the Holy Spirit, may we truly live the faith we are called to profess each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are located at 185 St. Thomas Drive in the beautiful Ojai valley in Ventura County, California.  We have plenty of parking next to the church.  Please come and visit us this week.

Hours and Directions Mass Times

We celebrate weekend Mass Saturday evenings and on Sundays in both English and Spanish.  It is the high point of our week.  Daily Mass is celebrated in the mornings Monday - Saturday in English.  Click the button below for a complete schedule of all our Masses and other liturgies.

Mass Times

The Mass is our most important prayer as Catholic Christians. The Church tells us that celebrating the Mass is the “source and summit” of our Christian life. That means that our prayer at Mass on Sunday gives us strength to do good things the rest of the week! It also means that our prayer at Mass is so important that everything else we do should help us to prepare for it.

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Yes.  You do not have to be Catholic to attend Mass.  In fact, we would love to have you come join us.  Check out the Mass times by clicking the button below.

Mass Times

When a person is presented with the body and blood of Christ during communion the minister says "the body of Christ" and the "blood of Christ" to which the person answers "amen".  By saying "amen" the person is affirming that they fully believe in the Catholic teaching on the real presence of Christ in the elements of communion.   A person who has not been properly prepared through RCIA or other religious education cannot affirm something that they have not been taught or with which they fully agree.  That is why we ask people who have not been fully prepared to receive the sacrament to come forward to receive a blessing instead.

The word catholic means "universal".  When people say they are Catholic (capital "C") what they mean is that they belong to the universal church established by Jesus Christ, founded on the apostles and in keeping with the teachings that go back to the first century.

Adults become Catholic through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults or RCIA process.  The process is designed to assist you on your own spiritual journey ending with baptism, first communion and confirmation if you so chose.  Click the button below for more information.

RCIA     More Information

It can seem at times that Catholics have their own language.  Many of our terms have Latin or Greek roots that date back to the early days of the Church.  It helps to know some of the terms to understand what we are talking about.  Click on the button below for a list of some of the more commonly used words.

Catholic Glossary

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