Prayers for Susan

June 26, 2020 - 4:36pm

Ivan and Katarina Matesevac are requesting prayers for peace and comfort 

for a very sick friend, Susan Schliebe.  Thank you.



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Grandma Dora

June 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

Please keep Grandma Dora in your thoughts and prayers. She is currently on Hospice and would like prayers for a peaceful passing.

Pray that soon her suffering is over and that she rest in the arms of our Lord forever.Read more

Goodbye Letter from Brian

June 9, 2020

June 9, 2020

My Dear Parish Family,

“Tell the world that I have loved it more than I have ever dared to say.” I remember seeing these words somewhere in Fr. Pat Keane’s office when he interviewed me when I was preparing for Confirmation in high school. These words must have resonated with me because when I received Confirmation shortly after that interview, the prayer that I had in my heart was a prayer asking the Lord to help me do this with my life. Looking back at these last nine years in...Read more

Emily Fajardo

June 8, 2020


Please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Emily Fajardo who passed away on Sunday. Please keep her family in your prayers.Read more

Linda Shields

June 8, 2020

Dear Friends,

Please keep Linda Shields in your thoughts and prayers. Linda will be undergoing an unspecified surgery on the 14th of this month. Pray for a speedy recovery and return to good health. Keep Larry and all the family in prayer at this difficult time.Read more

Mary Jane Wallace

June 6, 2020

Please pray for Mary Jane Wallace, mother of Jean Smith, who began hospice services at home in Ventura last week. In addition to being a grandma and a great-grandma to 5, she is a sister to Bill Blackstone (a Villanova alum) who, along with his wife Joyce, who are members of our parish. Mary's decline has been very abrupt. Please keep Mary and her family in your prayers.Read more

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