Parish Ministries

Ministry English Contact Spanish Contact
Bereavement Committee Paula Clark  
Defenders of Life Chuck Montag  
Escuela de la Crus    
Estate Planning for Giving Tom Susanka  
Family to Family    
Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) Caryn Brady  
Grupo do Oracion    
Grupo del Via cruces    
Homeless Shelter Rod Smith  
Hospitality Oscar Melendez  
Life Choices Tom Susanka  
Liturgical Environment Julie Teichert  
Ministers to the Sick Steve Barrack  

Matt Bender

Need other leaders

Prayer Shawls    
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Sister Rachel Yourgules

Scouts, Boy and Cub    
Sharing the Harvest Tina Ford  
Thrift Store Dorothy Rice  
Women's Guild Maryellen Bovee  
Youth Ministry Brian Campos