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January 4, 2019 - 11:01am

Dear Fellow Prayer Line Members. I am writing from my daughter's home in So Carolina. Last week she received a biopsy report that my 17yr old granddaughter, Claire Fontanella, has a "malignant melanoma, invasive" on her back next to her thoracic spine. This is not a sun-caused melanoma but rather a fast growing kind frequently associated with "adolescents and young adults". The Dec holidays kept the lab results from getting to our family in a timely manner. At this moment our daughter,Danielle, is making arrangements to take Claire to Sloan Kettering Hospital in NY where they specialize in this. Hopefully  next week they will remove what remains of the tumor and nearby lymph nodes to see if it has spread. The SC labs think it has but we are praying this will not be the case. Claire is a beautiful person finishing her senior year in high school and planning for college. Her family are devout Catholics and I am asking if you would please pray for Claire's full and complete recovery from this disease. I thank you all so much and will keep you updated.  With love, Charlene Brannan



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Julia Duarte

July 10, 2019

Dear Friends,

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Julia Duarte. Julia who was in her late 40's or early 50's passed away in Colorado. Please pray for her children (in Colorado) and her family here in Ojai at this difficult time.Read more


July 3, 2019

Dear Friends,

Please pray for Kadin Stevenson, the 22 year old grandson of Kris Welchman. Kadin who serves in our nations Army was deployed today to Afghanistan. He leaves behind his wife of 18 months, Ally and their four mont old son Forest.

Please pray that our Lord surround him with grace during his time there, and ask that he be returned to his family quickly.

We ask this, through Christ, our Lord...AMEN!!

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Kathleen Bean and Sons

June 20, 2019

Dear Friends,

Kathleen Bean, a member of our parish is urgently requesting prayer for her young adult sons and for herself. Kathleen has a rare chronic disease and is currently residing with her mother in Malibu. Her younger son was just admitted to a psychiatric ward while her older son is trying to be there for his Mom and brother. Please pray for this family in crisis.Read more

Tina Coke

June 19, 2019

Dear Friends,

Please pray for Tina Coke, the niece of Anna Morrison who will be having cancer surgery. Pray for successful outcome and quick return to good health.Read more

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