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From the Parish
January 29, 2019 - 5:38am

What a beautiful Advent and Christmas our Parish celebrated. It always takes many hearts, minds and hands, we thank you.  Every effort has been made to name you all: from the smallest to the tallest.

Liturgy is just beautiful with music. Thank you to Lisa Boyd and the children in the Children’s Christmas Choir-just lovely.  To all of our talented choirs and musicians! Excellent!!

Lectors who present the readings with clarity and strength bringing life to the words spoken. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Ushers who welcomed all of us as we arrive and our out of town guests, Nothing says welcome and come inside as a personal touch from you.

Eucharistic Ministers who just keep the flow and distribution of Eucharist seamless. It just makes the Mass wonderful and helps keep the focus on Eucharist not where to go/do. Thank you.

Altar Servers make all masses special. Serving at Mass keeping long stand traditions, Your presence is ever so special. Well done!

Environment is another special way of showing our waiting and preparedness, It is also bringing the celebration to each corner of the church and is huge in setting the mood. You talents were wonderfully displayed.  The Women’s Guild and YOU! The poinsettias and floral decoration were just outstanding. Thank you for organizing and to all of you contributed! To the people who helped with the pastorela.

The Religious Education Teachers who helped prepare the children of our parish in faith and for these most special of days.

Our priests who provided not only our regular schedule of Masses but the extra Masses as well as the Penance Service. We are so blessed to have two priests and our Deacon!

To Kathleen, Oscar and office volunteers for answering numerous questions, phone calls, keeping the wheels of the parish going round and counting the collections!

To Rod Smith and all the volunteers who selflessly help in the Homeless Shelter and provided a wonderful Christmas for our guests.



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